Members Educational Seminar Recap: Restyle Your Workstyle

For our June Seminar we had the pleasure of spending time with Lillian Coury of Pegasus Pathways. A special thank you to Lillian for sharing her time and talent. We also thank the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) for hosting us! If you weren't able to join us, please read a recap of the seminar below:

Lillian Coury, a leadership development expert and executive coach, and president of Pegasus Pathways, shared her viewpoint on “workstyle” – we work so hard to support a lifestyle but we spend so much time at work, why don’t we actually restyle our workstyle for greater effectiveness, impact, influence and fulfillment at work?! Not only did she pose the question, but she told us how she helps her clients do just that!

Her first critical step for success is answering the question “What do you want?” in every situation, in the big picture as well as the little things.  Then we moved into her integrated methodology, called “DARE to FLY”.  First, you Discover (D) who you are, what values and beliefs drive you, make you who you are from that very profound and private internal place.  Then you become Aware (A) of  your inner wisdom and listen to your body’s truth, creativity, intuition and natural knowing, and Access (A) your personal power, communicating it to the world through your physical presence.   Relationships  (R) are cultivated and nurtured to help you succeed by designing impactful and influential conversations – after all, you can’t achieve anything without the help and support of other people.  (Lillian blows up the common myth that it’s who you know – she says it’s NOT who you know, but how they feel about you!)   Then you deal with Everything Else in your Environment (E); that includes time, money, technology, laws, licensing, weather, regulations, trends, all those outside forces that may support or hinder your success.  So that’s the D.A.R.E. part, now for the FLY part.  To FLY is to set goals and identify the actions and tasks that will help you reach those S.M.A.R.T. goals.  When you put this all together (that’s what makes it integrated), you have a personal plan for growing your leadership style and presences, ensuring your success with authenticity and personal satisfaction.  Members received a lot of information in Lillian’s hour presentation, worked together to solidify some learning and mutual support for each other and gained some valuable new insights.

To find out more about Lillian Coury and her coaching, speaking and workshops, visit or call her at 480-474-0850.

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