Nipped in the Bud: Local Charity Cares for Animals and Sustaining Businesses

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on the Animal Defense League of Arizona:

One of the big lessons we learned while living in downtown Phoenix - don't feed your cats outside. What started off as two feline sidekicks quickly turned into a tribe of toms and alley cats and one blind momma cat with three kittens. The unspoken rule of the neighborhood: once they start hanging out on your porch they're your responsibility. Luckily, we learned early on about the Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA) and their Spay Neuter Hotline, which makes referrals for low cost and no-cost spay neuter services throughout Arizona. This hotline is a valuable, necessary resource to keep on hand, especially for HOAs, neighborhood associations, or any animal loving neighbor. Each year, 10,000 cats are sterilized with the help of the hotline and their Trap Neuter Return program. Additionally, the hotline refers and supports local small businesses. ADLA contracts with local for-profit and non-profit veterinary clinics, paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in veterinary bills. When you donate to the ADLA you aren't just supporting a local charity, you are supporting a local charity that is committed to protecting and defending Arizona's animals and works arm in arm with hundreds of locally run vets and animal clinics throughout the Valley.

The Animal Defense League of Arizona
(602) 265-7729