Members Educational Seminar Recap: An Organized Workplace

(We’re sorry it’s taken so long to get this update posted as we’ve been a bit busy around hear gearing up for Indie Week!)

For our May Seminar we had a great time honing in on some tricks of the organizing trade with Nancy Nemitz of Create The Space Professional Organizing. From her quick tips for the team and their space at Phoenix Center for the Arts to examples of organizational supplies, members left with doable strategies to organize any workspace to its most efficient potential. Check out these 8 simple suggestions from Nancy below. Thanks Nancy!

1. Clear your work space so only the project you are working on is in view; otherwise, you can be easily distracted.
2. Get rid of office supplies you don't use, don't work, or cause frustration like the pen that skips.
3. Before writing the next weekly or month report, find out what information is useful and is ready by staff. Don't write what no one is reading.
4. Consider a table as a work space instead of a traditional desk. 
5. You don't have to do all your work in one space. Move around your office to various work stations which may include a table where you stand to work.
6. There is too much on your To Do List. That list should be shorter, cover only a week or next few days, and more detailed.
7. You will procrastinate if you don't know how to do something. Find out or stop putting it on your list.
8. If you keep doing the same thing, you will continue to be disorganized.

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