100 Years, 100 Chefs, 100 Recipes

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on the cookbook 100 Years 100 Chefs 100 Recipes:

Let's face it - you can only turn 100 once and you're lucky if you do. If Local First Arizona makes it to this esteemed ripe old age, a party of epic proportions should ensue. Parades, concerts, huge signs on the highways - all those perks that the state of Arizona gets, we want them too. And you know what? We want our own cookbook! Just look at Arizona, getting to spill out all her culinary secrets in the amazing cookbook, 100 Years 100 Chefs 100 Recipes. Featuring recipes from James Beard award winning culinary maestros to regular-folk home chefs, this cookbook celebrates 100 years of Arizona's unique melting pot of Southwestern culinary culture. Designated as an official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project and a list of contributing writers including Arizona historian Marshall Trimble means this book has more to it than ingredients and cooking instructions! Available for purchase online for about $40.

100 Years 100 Chefs 100 Recipes