All Aboard the Party Bus

This week’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on the Real London Bus Company:

Are you known for being a bit unpredictable? Then consider traveling around Phoenix in a double decker bus thanks to the Real London Bus Company. We get a bit nostalgic thinking of our youth and the months we spent backpacking through England and Europe. With our Sony Walkman as our trusty companion, we walked those London streets, jamming out to Oasis and the Verve while barely avoiding being hit by double decker buses. Now a bit of that past is being rekindled as we catch sight of the red bus making its way through the desert landscape and carting dressed up dolls and blokes to prom, a pub crawl, or a fancy media event. Run by two British guys who longed for something familiar from the motherland, they decided to find a real London treasure. Instead of transplanting the Queen to our lovely desert, they opted to bring four double decker buses instead. The buses seat about 65 people each and provide a marvelous view! So if you're looking for something out of the box for your next event or party, consider traveling in real London style.

Real London Bus Company
All over the Valley!
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