A Local Guide to Keeping Your Dog Happy

This week’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Happy Dog Phoenix:

If you're a new dog owner or know of anyone new to the Valley who has a dog, then you know how challenging things can be when the summer hits. How long can you leave little Fifi outdoors? How do you console Fido during the monsoon storm? What native plants are poisonous to Alfie? Can your pooch get a sunburn? Consider picking up a copy of Happy Dog Phoenixa first-of-its-kind guide to living with your dog in the metro Phoenix area. We've had to learn things the hard way over the years when it came to caring for our four-legged friends, and feel this book could have made things a lot easier and less expensive (umm...visits to the vet for scorpion and black widow stings?). This valuable resource has some some good advice about coyotes, monsoons, and what to do when the 110-degree days hit. Additionally, get the skinny on all the good things our community has to offer for your furry friends. Support a good cause and pick up your copy today - half of the proceeds go to medical funds for rescued animals. We're sure your beloved pet will pant with joy from all the new ideas you will uncover.

Happy Dog Phoenix
3225 W. Lincoln St., Phoenix AZ 85009