Phoenix Adopts "Buy Local" Policy

Just last week, the City of Phoenix adopted a new policy for its purchases: for goods and services costing less than $50,000, Phoenix must first offer the contract or job to a company based in Maricopa County or Arizona before offering the work to an out-of-state company.  With this policy shift, the City of Phoenix has adopted the true "buy local" mentality, which will in turn support Phoenix residents, businesses, and the city itself.

Phoenix is one of the first municipalities in the state and the nation to adopt this sort of policy.  According to the Arizona Republic, "Phoenix Finance Director Jeff Dewitt estimates $17 million worth of city contracts a year would be available to the local community to bid on under the new policy."  With these sorts of dollars available to circulate throughout the community, it will undoubtedly have an incredible and positive impact.  You can read the rest of the coverage by the Arizona Republic on the new "buy local" policy here.

Tucson and Pinal County are currently considering similar policies to this one just adopted by Phoenix.  In a playful Facebook post responding to a supportive letter to the editor published in the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton called on other civic leaders to jump on the "buy local" bandwagon:

Thanks to the City of Phoenix and its leaders for their support for the local economy!  With these sorts of commitments to our communities, our economic future is looking pretty strong.