Channeling Your Inner Granola

This week’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Laura's Gourmet:

Last month's kitchen obsession was concocting nut butter from scratch. This month, we're all about making our own granola. Our first batch, a basic maple syrup and almond recipe turned out amazing. As we tried our hand at more gourmet recipes, we completely failed, realizing we needed to leave the fancy stuff to the experts. Tempe-based Laura's Gourmet, makers of artisan granola products, recently launched "Hot Chocolate Crunch" a healthy, chocolatey, nut-free, granola treat. Laura Gourmet's newest offering boasts a hint of Chipotle combined with bittersweet cacao and unsweetened cocoa not only puts our granola to shame, it's delicious! Try Laura's newest treat or their four classic varieties, you can order online or find it at select retailers throughout the Valley.

Laura's Gourmet
21 W Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283