The Time is NOW to Support E-Fairness Legislation

With a final Senate vote coming this week, now is the time to voice your support for SB1338, the legislation that will close the sales tax loophole exploited by online-only retailers in Arizona. Please take a moment to call your Senator in the next 48 hours to express your support of SB1338. Here are some steps put together by the Arizona Alliance for Main Street Fairness that make this process quick and simple.

1) Find your Legislative District number by visiting the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission website. In the lower left hand corner of the homepage, type in your address to find out which district you are in.

2) Find your Senate member and their phone number from the list below.

District 1, Senator Steve Pierce, 602-926-5584
District 2, Senator Jack Jackson Jr., 602-926-5862
District 3, Senator Ron Gould, 602-926-4138
District 4, Senator Judy Burges, 602-926-5861
District 5, Senator Sylvia Allen, 602-926-5219
District 6, Senator Lori Klein, 602-926-5284
District 7, Senator Nancy Barto, 602-926-5766
District 8, Senator Michele Reagan, 602-926-5828
District 9, Senator Rick Murphy, 602-926-4444
District 10, Senator Linda Gray, 602-926-3376
District 11, Senator Adam Driggs, 602-926-3016
District 12, Senator John Nelson, 602-926-5872
District 13, Senator Steve Gallardo, 602-926-5830
District 14, Senator Robert Meza, 602-926-3425
District 15, Senator David Lujan, 602-926-5058
District 16, Senator Leah Landrum Taylor, 602-926-3830
District 17, Senator David Schapira, 602-926-3028
District 18, Senator Jerry Lewis, 602-926-5760
District 19, Senator Rich Crandall, 620-926-3020
District 20, Senator John McComish, 602-926-5898
District 21, Senator Steve Yarbrough, 602-926-5863
District 22, Senator Andy Briggs, 602-926-4371
District 23, Senator Steve Smith, 602-926-5685
District 24, Senator Don Shooter, 602-926-4139
District 25, Senator Gail Griffin, 602-926-4139
District 26, Senator Al Melvin, 602-926-4326
District 27, Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford, 602-926-5835
District 28, Senator Paula Aboud, 602-926-5262
District 29, Senator Linda Lopez, 602-926-4089
District 30, Senator Frank Antenori, 602-926-5683

3) Call your state Senator and say "I AM A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, AND I SUPPORT SB1338".