Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

February 14, 2012, marks Arizona's 100th birthday as the 48th state of the United States. On this day, we hope you take a moment to reflect on Arizona's extensive history, and think about what you can do to continue our state's legacy.  One easy action you can take is to support and advocate for the unique local businesses that make Arizona a great place to call home.  Please consider shifting 10% to further strengthen the Arizona economy, or stopping by a local business to support your fellow community members.  We can work together to bolster our community, our economy, and our state for the next 100 years.

Speaking of the Arizona Centennial, thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Made in Arizona Festival and played our Centennial Trivia!  Congratulations to our winners, Janice S. and Malcolm L., who won a $50 gift card to Bookman's Entertainment Exchange and the Local First Arizona t-shirt and tote bag package.  They were drawn as our winners in the raffle!  Here are the answers to those tricky trivia questions:

  1. Which of the following is NOT one of Arizona's "Five C's"?  Cattle, Cactus, Climate, or Citrus?  The correct answer is Cactus. The "Five C's" are: Cattle Copper, Climate, Cotton, and Citrus.
  2. How many species of rattlesnake live in Arizona?  7, 10, 13, or 20?  The correct answer is 13. Arizona is home to more species of rattlesnake than any other state.
  3. What is the Centennial exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum?  Iconic AZ, Amazing AZ, or 100 Years of AZ?  The correct answer is Iconic Arizona, which features photographs from the Center for Creative Photography.
  4. What is your favorite locally-owned Arizona business?  You all had some great choices of favorite locally-owned businesses! Find your favorite by visiting our online directory!

From all of us at Local First Arizona, we hope that you all enjoy this special day, and celebrate Arizona by celebrating local businesses!