LocalWork.com launches to bring local jobs to Arizonans

Local First Arizona sustaining member LocalWork.com launched their website this past week, and hopes to be a great resource for the Valley.  Their mission is "to support and stimulate Arizona’s economy by making connections between local employers and local talent. We are determined to build and grow our local economy in an effort to lower the unemployment rate, support local businesses and enable a better quality of life for Phoenix and it’s residents."  We love the idea- a business dedicated to keeping skilled workers here in the Phoenix area and matching them up with jobs that they are qualified for!

The launch was covered by Denise Meredith at Examiner.com, here's a preview of what she wrote last week:

"Most have heard of Monster. That’s the company with the Super Bowl commercials, right? Millions have posted resumes on that or some other online recruitment system (e.g., a warehouse job in Wichita—why not gives it a try?). Employers spend hundreds of dollars per job posting and time/money sorting through thousands of irrelevant submissions. With unemployment in Phoenix stuck at 8 ½ %, and an ineffective and exhausted unemployment insurance system, there must be a better way. Ryan Naylor thought so and created LocalWork.com, which debuted today.

'Our system is different because it is affordable and it focuses on real, local jobs in Phoenix,' says Naylor. While previously, employers had to choose between websites charging up to $500 or merchandise sites like Craig’s List, LocalWork.com allows employers to post jobs for just $50. People, who can register for free, can post their resumes and feel reassured that they will be reviewed seriously by local companies. The website also contains helpful information on resume writing, interviews and other job seeking tips..."

You can read the rest of the coverage here.  We are very excited to see local businesses like LocalWork.com take the economy into their own hands.  They're demonstrating that we don't have to wait around for the solutions to come to us; rather, we have the power, resources, and ideas to take charge of our communities and support each other right now!