Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted To...

This week’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Candy Addict:

We remember our first "shoplifting" experience, and how our mother made us return the Blow Pop Lollipop we had taken without paying. Teary faced, we returned to the cashier, gave back the lollipop, and apologized for stealing that cherry-filled, bubble gum goodness. It officially solidified a life-long obsession with candy. We saved our money to buy Bazooka Joe bubble gum that we'd use to swap for Garbage Pail Kids cards, we hoarded Laffy Taffy and Jolly Ranchers under our bed, and our favorite drink was Pop Rocks with Dr. Pepper. We can't even imagine making it through four years of college without our stash of Red Vines and Starburst. It's no surprise then that a place like Candy Addict, located on Mill Avenue in Tempe, is extremely dangerous for our closet addiction. Yet, we can't resist, especially when in the neighborhood, to check out their latest bounty of hard-to-find sweets that remind us so much of our childhood. Additionally, the Candy Addict offers a new kind of sweetness for our matured taste buds - rare candy treats from around the world, organic and sugar-free offerings, and an amazing chocolate selection. If you haven't checked out this little candy boutique, we highly recommend you cruise in for a tantalizing stroll down memory lane and a sugar coma afterward.

Candy Addict
414 S Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281