Bookmans features Local First AZ Director Kimber Lanning

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, one of Local First Arizona's sustaining members, recently posted a Partner Profile on Local First Arizona's executive Director Kimber Lanning.  Kimber works every day to spread the message about shopping locally and supporting the community, and Bookmans was able to catch Kimber in the midst of her busy schedule to ask her a few questions.  Here is some of the interview:

In 2012 Bookmans is encouraging our customers to "Shift The Way You Shop". What advice can you give someone who is just beginning to buy local?
It's important for people to remember that every dollar counts! So don't try to be perfect and buy everything locally all at once -- just do what you can, pay close attention to which business are local and select a few things to buy locally regularly. Maybe you choose to buy local produce or eggs first, and you add books and music, and then you start thinking about things like your prescriptions or your office supplies. Choosing Harkins Theaters is a great way to go local and it's so easy! Another idea is local service providers -- find a local shop to change your oil or rotate your tires next time. One step at a time and every dollar you spend locally help to build a brighter future by keeping more money right here at home.

What can we expect from Local First Arizona and/or The SHIFT campaign in 2012?
We currently have about 2000 members and about 47 million pledged on our website from people who pledged to shift 10% of their spending. Next year we are going to add another 400 members and grow our pledges to 60 million! Our 14 media partners are great about helping us get the word out and our light rail wrap will be moving through the city for the first quarter. Once people understand the economics behind the way they shop they are more than happy to do their part. Next year, I think people will see the SHIFT logo and they know exactly what it means...

You can read the rest of the interview at Bookmans' News Page.  Thank you, Bookmans, for being such a great advocate for the local movement, and for always having great and unique items in stock!