Greener Living

This week’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Greener House Today:

We should have known better when we invested in a vintage house in Central Phoenix that we were potentially walking into a first-time homeowner's nightmare. It was the cuteness of it being right out of a children's book, a gingerbread house, that kept us from those rational thoughts. We plummeted back into reality when we realized how much we were spending on heating and air conditioning bills, plumbing improvements, and then, those hardwood creaky floors paired with a newborn baby. Greener House Today is a valuable resource for any of you, who like us, are looking for a way to minimize those outrageous electric and gas bills. This unique service conducts home assessments, which will identify problem areas in your home and offer solutions for making your home more energy efficient, cost effective, safe, and comfortable. And, priced at only $99 for a home assessment, you can make the first steps toward saving energy, money, and helping the planet.

Greener House Today