Walking the Walk, holiday edition [part 4]

Occasionally we invite guest writers to describe their experiences as local shoppers to dispel some myths, point out some great places, and shed some positive light on the wonderful community that we live in. Welcome to our holiday edition!

Today's post is by Courtney Klein:

Today's to-do list consisted of coffee, yoga, lunch, and grocery shopping. In my pursuit to buy local, I opted to pass 3 Starbucks on my way to Bergies Coffee Roast House in downtown Gilbert. Sat outside on the lawn furniture that they have scattered about and enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee! From there, I opted to support the locally owned Gilbert Yoga for a good workout. Hungry, I went in search of food and found it at Liberty Market - another family owned establishment.

After a leisurely morning, it was time to stock up the 'fridge. Instead of going to a nationally owned grocery chain, I went to locally owned Bashas' and found lots of yummy produce and other healthy items for the week! Another local shopping day success!