120 Seconds: Kimber Lanning

This article was posted on Desert Living Today by Kira Brown

On the clock today, Kimber Lanning the founder and director of Local First Arizona, AZ’s non-profit striving to strengthen our local economy, businesses and neighborhoods by keeping it local! From her own local business beginnings at Stinkweeds and Modified Arts, Lanning is now the powerhouse behind the local movement.

So here’s how this works, we fire off questions, you fire back your first thoughts. Ready Kimber, let’s go…

DLT: What prompted you to create Local First AZ?
Kimber Lanning: I believe that Local Businesses are part of what makes any city great, and I felt here in AZ our great local businesses weren’t getting enough love. Local business make people proud to call a place home.

What was your first event, where and how many people showed?
2004, Fall Festival, Duck & Decanter, 1200 people.

What was your last event, where and how many people showed?
2011, Fall Festival, Duck & Decanter, 6500 people.

As an expert in the local movement, what has surprised you the most about the local business community?
Local businesses are incredibly innovative and I’m continually amazed at the great ideas I see for marketing, events, collaborative efforts, etc.

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