Walking the Walk, holiday edition [part 3]

Occasionally we invite guest writers to describe their experiences as local shoppers to dispel some myths, point out some great places, and shed some positive light on the wonderful community that we live in. Welcome to our holiday edition!

Today’s post is by Jim Mapstead:

I had to buy a gift for a wedding on Saturday. It was the day before Thanksgiving, so I was feeling pretty confident about how much time I had to find and purchase something fabulous. I'm a guy, and typically we (men) wait until the day of an event to begin research into finding something spectacular (hence, you will typically only find men in stores on Christmas Eve.......).

Doing my due diligence, I discovered my friends who were getting married were registered! How easy this will be, I thought. After clicking through the requisite links I discovered they were registered at......... Macy's and Target (aaaargh!). As Board Chair of Local First Arizona the absolutely positively last thing in the world I would do is buy a special gift for my friends at a national chain! (Note to self: really need to educate my nuptial bound friends on all the advantages of buying local and developing local economies! And, how is it, they don't know this already? Is my osmosis malfunctioning?)

Plan B rapidly going into effect. What would they enjoy equally as much as a Blue Floral Porcelain Footed Serving Bowl, or a Cuisinart BPF 603 Food Processor and Blender? I sense a food theme......picture a light bulb suddenly coming to life over the head.

So, what would every newly married couple love after a grueling week at work? Date night gift certificates! So a quick fifteen minute trip to locally owned restaurants Windsor, St. Francis and Parlor four hours before the ceremony (technically this can't be classified as last minute.....), and I was done! Quick, painless, and I felt great having contributed to keeping jobs and businesses in Phoenix!

Next up is setting up a time to have a chat with my friends over a glass of wine to talk about the advantages of buying local!