Walking the Walk, holiday edition [part 2]

Occasionally we invite guest writers to describe their experiences as local shoppers to dispel some myths, point out some great places, and shed some positive light on the wonderful community that we live in. Welcome to our holiday edition!

Today's post is by Courtney Klein:

The buy local day started with brunch at Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert. Something about farm fresh ingredients makes for a happy start to the day! While it wasn't going to be a huge shopping day for me and my husband Kevin, we did want a little something for the road. Instead of hitting up Starbucks, we popped into AJs for a large iced tea/lemonade. Purchasing their reusable plastic cup will get you a $1 refill anytime of the year; helping the earth and your wallet!

From there we went in search of CDs and books. Instead of Barnes and Noble, we went to Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe and shopped for hours. The day ended with some big spending at Iron Gear Sports in Mesa. We wanted to buy some holiday bike gear from a local shop vs. a big box sporting goods store. Easy to find alternatives throughout the day to support local businesses!!