Walking the Walk, holiday edition [part 1]

Occasionally we invite guest writers to describe their experiences as local shoppers to dispel some myths, point out some great places, and shed some positive light on the wonderful community that we live in. Welcome to our holiday edition!

Today's post is by Isabelle Jazo:

The thought of committing to solely shopping local, beginning Black Friday, seemed overwhelming at first but my first day brought nothing but great discovery and enjoyment.

The day started with finding a local coffee shop that mimicked my grande extra shot coffee I usually get perfectly ~ Black Cat Coffee Shop delivered. I think I might have found my new morning routine. Then off we headed for a post Thanksgiving staycation at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde. Just less than 30 minutes from Sedona, this wildlife park ga ve us the chance to see lions, tigers, leopards, hyenas, wolves, zebras and camels in their natural habitat. It was the closest I could ever imagine coming to these animals. A true treasure right here in AZ.

We ended the day at a local restaurant in Cottonwood amongst some of my favorite local wineries, AZ Stronghold and Pillsbury. It was a wonderful day, 100% local and worth every penny spent on what I am sure will be a lifetime of memories. I would gladly substitute this outing as a post Thanksgiving ritual over Black Friday shopping.