Waste Not, Want Not

Did you know that more than 25% of what you throw in the trash can be composted? It's inevitable that as we become more eco-sensitive, we become hyper-sensitive of the "good" things we throw away. Our intentions are good-hearted; unfortunately, we lack the time or know-how to bust out the Birkenstocks and set up a compost pile of our own. Luckily, a local gem called AZ Valley Compost wants to make our world a better place, too. They offer home and small business compost waste pickup in the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale. The company will provide the bins and carry off your weekly discard and turn it into composty goodness for you and the rest of our community! Plus, it's a great way to kick start your career as an eco-warrior, helping to make the planet a little greener and healthier one compost heap at a time.

AZ Valley Compost