A Paperback Writer

We've always entertained the idea of taking the plunge, leaving the 9 to 5 world, and writing a trashy romance novel. Life as a writer must be heavenly: a room of our own, sleeping children who actually nap, hours of silence, wearing a gold turban filled with amazing plots and adjectives, and subsisting on cups of strong black coffee all day long. But, in all reality, being a self-employed writer is not as majestic and tranquil as we envision. How do you train the monkey not to cruise on over to Facebook and Twitter instead of working on that first chapter? How does one mute the self-editor, as well as that cruel voice of self doubt? Can you actually finish that first draft without labeling it a mess and shelving it along with the other half attempts? SageBrush Publications is a great resource for publishers and authors who are attempting to make it past the hurdles of writing a good book. They'll arm you with valuable writing tips, suggestions on how to conquer the first draft, and guidance on how to become a better editor. Services range from book design, publishing consultation and typesetting to editing and graphic design. SageBrush is just the BFF you need to take you through the abyss of completing a book and getting it published.

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