Shopping local... in Ahwatukee!

Every day, Local First Arizona staff, members, and friends advocate for improving our economy and community by shifting the way you shop and supporting local businesses.  We're always excited to see our message in the local news, and here is a recent instance of that!

Diane Meehl had a story published in the Ahwatukee Foothills News about the need to buy local:

"Of course, like the rest of Arizona and around the country, many of our friends and neighbors are coping with hard times. We’ve all witnessed the closing of too many businesses this past year, but the owners and their families aren’t the only ones that lose. Those folks invested in our community.

Locally owned businesses make significant contributions toward our state’s economy, bolstering tax revenue and employment opportunities. Business owners recycle their profits back into their local neighborhoods. Further, they give back to their communities, schools and other nonprofits with charitable donations and the sweat equity that comes with volunteering.

Bottom line? We need the 'little guy,' the 'moms and pops.' From coffee shops to hair salons to Internet marketing services, these businesses underwrite the fabric of our community’s prosperity. And they need our help, now more than ever."

Diane also addresses the significant misconception that buying locally is usually more expensive for the consumer:

"So how much does it cost to shop locally? There is often a perception that small shops can’t compete with the low prices of “big-box” retailers. But you have to make fair comparisons. Local shops often incur lower overhead then those retailers, because the president and chief executive officer is often the same person who mops the floors at night.

Then there are the scores of benefits of working with a local owner. When problems arise, small businesses are often more responsive. After all, they live in your neighborhood and want to preserve their reputation. Local owners often offer superior customer service – and they may negotiate special deals, offers or services via their contacts. Plus, they want to see other local businesses succeed. Scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours."

Diane easily makes the case that buying local is the way to go.  You can read the complete story here.  Thanks for your support, Diane!

And as a reminder, you can find Local First Arizona members in the Ahwatukee area by clicking here!