Embracing the Inner Recessionista

We never thought we'd become a crazy coupon lady or an obsessed deal hunter. However, as our monthly budget continues to be eaten up by higher cost-of-living prices, we've decided to embrace our inner recessionista. So now we're clipping the Qs in the Sunday paper, and our Facebook feed has become entrenched with deals and daily specials. There are still a few things we hold steadfast to, and one of them is supporting local businesses. That's why Doozy of a Deal is right up our alley. This deal-a-day website brings local consumers to local businesses while raising money for schools and organizations. The website features an awesome deal each day from a local business or service. We love the idea of saving money, supporting local businesses, but add on another level of helping our local community and we're totally hooked. Doozy of a Deal gives 7.5% of our purchase to the school or organization we've selected to benefit. It's never been easier to feel good about helping our community, especially when getting a Doozy of a Deal on an item or service that we really want. Sign up for their daily deal newsletter or consider having your company featured on the website.

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