Shift your business expenses for a huge impact!

As a business owner, keeping money circulating within the local community should be a high priority. More money in the community means a higher likelihood of those dollars being spent at their own business again. But how do we get this ball rolling?

Even the most local-minded people usually have a blind spot or two where they haven't even thought to switch to a local provider. We've compiled a list of general list of business expenses, each linked to a directory page of a local provider for each given service. If you own a business, take a moment to consider in which areas you may spend the most money... then consider whether you are using a local business or not. Where is that hard-earned money going? If it's being spent with a national provider, the answer is probably "not here."

So here's your challenge: pick one or two or eight of these categories and make the shift! Three times the revenue will stay in your community, enriching not only your own life but those around you as well. Keeping your money where you live is simply good sense, especially in these times of economic turmoil. And let us know about any changes you make in your expenditures, we'll make sure to give you a shout out!

What can you shift?

click on a category to find a local provider![column width="47%" padding="6%"]

Rental space
Storage facility
Computer Repair
Supplies (paper, toner, etc)
Phones/Cell Phones
Credit card processing
Email newsletters
Website designers
Cleaning companies
Displays & Fixtures

[/column] [column width="47%" padding="0"]

Air Conditioning
Promotional items
Payroll services
Security/Background Checks
Accounting services
General Contractors
Public Relations
Graphic Designers
Interior Design