Going Green at green

Recently a coworker inquired about going vegan. He doesn't fit the typical "vegan" stereotype and is actually a meat and potatoes kind of fella. He confessed he needed to eat healthier, had picked up a vegan cookbook, and was seriously contemplating making the switch. He asked, "So, what do I eat?" He was especially concerned about lunch time when 99% of the office picks up a burger or fast food. 

We've learned from personal experience that any kind of extreme dieting can have negative consequences. In the case of veganism, it is easy to substitute meat and animal products with sugary, carb-heavy items instead of greens and protein. We're cautious about encouraging the switch without proper education, and yet, we also want to make the experience enjoyable. After all, veganism has come a long way from the white block of gelatinous-looking stuff and steamed veggies...it's actually quite tasty.    

So, we suggested to our coworker that he make a stop at green Vegetarian in Tempe to sample a taste of the other side. Green has mastered the art of veganizing standard comfort food fare, such as pizza, po-boys, salads, chicken parm sandwiches, and noodle bowls. (Our personal fave are the killer spicy "buffalo wings.") Green has been haven for the full-time, transitioning, or part-time vegan/vegetarian, as well as those who just want something different. Green's desserts are also a welcoming reminder that being vegan doesn't mean you are forgoing the good things in life - ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and cheese.

green Vegetarian Restaurant
2240 N. Scottsdale Road
Tempe, AZ 85281