Buy local efforts at the neighborhood level

The concept of buying locally has been taken one step further with the creation of a neighborhood yellow pages. Kathy Seid, a resident of a North Central Phoenix neighborhood, sent an email to her neighbors explaining the benefits of buying locally and asking reidents to email her with a description of their business, service, or specialty if interested in a listing in a neighborhood yellow pages. Neighbors, Rachele and Jerry Nichols, donated computer manpower, and together a business yellow pages was created with listings from over half of the residents in their 90 home neighborhood. The tagline on the yellow pages reads, "A great way to get to know our neighbors, a great way to help strengthen our economy."

The yellow pages has been printed as a MiniBük, a company launched by Kathy and David Seid in June 2010. MiniBük is a a compact, 3 1/2" x 5", soft bound book that conveniently fits in a glove box, purse, briefcase or pocket so residents have the information need about the business they are looking for, where they need it and when they need it. A neighborhood working together to improve the local economy--while getting to know neighbors better. A novel idea!