New Year resolutions for living local!

New Years – the magical time of year when we all pledge to erase our mistakes of the past and get our lives moving in the right direction.  And while some of our resolutions may not make it to the month of February, we at Local First Arizona hope that you take our mission to heart and pledge to support the locally owned businesses in your community for all 365 days of 2011.  Here are some tips to go local in the new decade.

Going local?

  • Use the Local First Arizona directory!  Hair salons, auto shops, real estate, entertainment, business services – you name it, you can find it on our website!
  • Pledge to Shift 10%!  Change your spending habits and shift 10% of your spending from a national chain to a locally owned business.   Whether it’s a grocery store, bank, pharmacy or service based industry, a small shift on your part can make a big impact!  Visit the Shift Arizona website to take the pledge in your city.

Getting healthy?

Dieting off those holiday pounds?

Organizing your life?

  • View LFA members that can help you get your life together.

Fine tuning your finances?

Spending time with family and friends?

Greening your life?