It's Independents Week! Get your Golden Coupon!



Independents Week is a nationally-recognized event in support of local businesses everywhere! This year, 158 locally owned Arizona businesses have stepped up and offered the community 20% off. That's pretty amazing, it's no secret that the economy is currently in hangover status. But what we've come to realize is that these local businesses are the answer to many of our economic problems: if we support them instead of the national chains we keep tons more money in our community... three times as much, in fact.

So head on over to get your Golden Coupon on our website. Print out some coupons for yourself, friends & family, and get out there and support our local businesses and save some cash at the same time! If you have the free Local First Arizona iPhone app, you can also find the coupon there. If you want to find the businesses who are accepting the coupon in your neighborhood, you can enter your zip code on our Deals page. The 20% off coupon is only good this week, through July 4th.