Media coverage of Buy Local Week in Phoenix & Tucson

We are in the middle of Buy Local Week in Phoenix and Tucson after a great kickoff weekend! Congressman Harry Mitchell, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, and Eddie Basha all showed their support of local business at a press conference at Basha's in Ahwatukee on Friday. We were also joined by numerous business owners and local farmers and producers, the backbone of our local economy. Tucson threw numerous block parties surrounding local business centers, celebrating some of the local favorites with Black Friday deals, live music, and tons of free giveaways. Many local deals are still being offered in Phoenix and Tucson.

We were fortunate to receive some news coverage during some of these events which I'm collecting here.  With our economy in dire straits, stories on spending your dollars locally are more important than ever!


Buy Local Day was a big success in Tucson! With multiple block parties and lots of local business deals, many holiday shoppers were able to load up on gifts while keeping more of their money in the Tucson economy. Click here for a clip from KOLD News 13 coverage


KPHO 5 ran a story with some great coverage of Bookmans and Do Me A Favor, check out the video here! They run over some Black Friday stats followed by the statement that $45 out of every $100 spent at a local business stays in the local economy! The word "local" has recently been claimed by multiple corporations without their having to define the word. True, the spaces from which they sell their goods are local, but the ownership (and therefore the trail of profits) is usually not.  So to clarify the previous statistic, $45 out of $100 stays in our local economy only when spent at a locally owned business. If you were to spend $100 at your "local" national chain store, approximately $13 would remain in the state. That said, it's always promising to see positive coverage of local businesses and the importance of the communities support!

Some more coverage of Buy Local Week featuring Shaun Breese of Urban Cookies urging shoppers to "think local first." The rest of the story blurs the lines between "local" (as in located in your area) and "locally owned" (as in the money stays in your area).

12 News ran somewhat of a downer of a story. I'm not sure if all of the folks interviewed were right outside of a mall, but none seemed aware of their options or even the full implications of their choices. Is sending large chunks of our money out of state really "the best deal"? Congressman Harry Mitchell explained how local businesses in turn support other local services, & Rachel at Bunky Boutique scored some points for shopping local. Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Here are some cool articles covering this year's Buy Local Week

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Join a CSA, Get Farm-Fresh Local Veggies Every Week (The Phoenix New Times... not really about Buy Local Week but hey, we got 'em thinking and it's certainly worth sharing!)

While we focus extra hard on spending locally during Buy Local Week, these practices offer the same great results year-round: unique stock,  personalized service, a diverse culture, and more money recirculating our great state! Search our online directory for whatever it is you're looking for; banks, retail, coffee, auto repair, you name it.