The 10% Shift

A recent piece in the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Impact Magazine highlights some of the key points of the upcoming 10% Shift campaign.  Stay tuned for more details!

Shifting Sands

The Local First Arizona Foundation (LFAF) hopes to shift consumers’ spending habits and contribute to the state’s economic recovery with a new program it is about to launch. Known as “The 10% Shift,” it is a campaign aimed at strengthening the local economy, increasing civic pride and changing consumer buying patterns to increase the economic and cultural sustainability of this region while improving the environment, creating jobs and enhancing community development.

A recent study of spending patterns of residents and businesses in Grand Rapids, Michigan determined if all 600,000 people in Grand Rapids simply shifted 10 percent of their spending from national to local businesses, the result would be 1600 new jobs, an additional $130 million in the local economy  and an increase of $50 million in local wages in one year. This model is currently being tested in Boston, Massachusetts.

Local First Arizona Foundation has a plan to create an on-line calculator so residents can visit the Local First Web site, enter their monthly expenditures and find out how much they personally could put back into the local economy by simply shifting 10% of their spending habits.