Grassroots campaigns that are keeping local businesses alive

Here in Arizona we've had great fun developing our "National Independents Week" campaign, offering discounts at numerous businesses statewide during the week of July 4th (look for it again next year).  Coming up on November 7th, we're incredibly excited to present our 5th Fall Festival, a celebration of local business located at the Duck & Decanter on 16th Street and Camelback in Phoenix.  There will be live music, free food (!), a beer garden, and over 60 great local vendors.  It's our chance to thank YOU for choosing to spend your money at locally-owned businesses, helping to strengthen our local economy and create the unique diversity of business, art, & culture that makes up our home Here is a link to a great cluster of articles on how cities all over are supporting their locally-owned treasures:  Grassroots Stimulus