Community Tire Says 'Thank You Bashas'

Local Love at its Best

A genuine show of local support and a testament to the impact buying local can make, Community Tire has extended a wonderful gesture to its employees and to Bashas'.  Nearly 50 of all of Community Tire's employees recently received a personal letter from Community Tire President Howard Fleischmann, along with a $25 gift card and thank you note to Bashas'.

The generous deed reinforces Fleischmann's unwavering passion for locally owned business, especially in light of the recent struggles Bashas' has faced during this year's rocky economic climate.

As the "Always Positive" Fleischmann so beautifully states in the closing sentence of his letter - "We must support local to keep our state alive.  Please think local with every dollar you spend."

So, thank you Bashas' and thank you, Community Tire for being a shining example of what it means to be Local First!

Brian FlatgardComment