Join our group of locally-owned and diverse businesses of all industries that share one thing in common: the desire to create a prosperous and thriving economy. 

Together, we’re going to tell your story as an Arizona home grown company so that we can connect those businesses and individuals to your brand. When you win, we all win.


Business Listing

Our website receives over 60,000 searches every month, and our high trust rating with Google means that your business listing will help your organic search engine optimization.



Business Resources

From carefully curated educational courses, to small business resources and proven marketing materials that help identify you as a local business to give you a leg up on the massive marketing budgets that much larger businesses have.


Community Calendar

Use our community calendar to reach the largest local business coalition in North America. We have built a dedicated following — statewide — of business and individuals that want to feel connected to place.



Keep pace with the growth of your business by finding local talent using our jobs board.


Member Gatherings

We place a tremendous value on diversity and inclusion. We know that different ideas and perspectives help fuel innovation, helping our members create stronger networking connections, become more business savvy and remain competitive.


Member Discounts

Specials from our sustaining members such as a 10% discount on office supplies from Wist Office Products to discounted advertising from our media partners, Local First Arizona members can support fellow local businesses and save money.


Signature Events

Local First Arizona hosts a variety of events throughout the state every year. From food festivals to educational conferences, all of our events work to build a better Arizona that we're all proud to call home.


Membership Launchpad

Making the most of a business membership can be intimidating, which is why we provide a Membership Launchpad that helps you make the most of your membership, based on your particular needs.


Small Wonders

We distributes 200,000 Small Wonders maps a year, which feature independently owned shopping and dining destinations and have found their way into the hands of tourists, students and local residents longing for unique experiences to share.*

Our membership with Local First Arizona has meant so much to us in being part of the local business community. We’ve been able to work with other local businesses to promote one another in unexpected partnerships such as with Changing Hands Bookstore. Opportunities to participate in the Devour Culinary Classic and the Phoenix Small Wonders Map have been great for our business.
— Helen Yung and Jan Wichayanuparp, Sweet Republic
Local First Arizona has been an amazing partner to us by cultivating awareness in our communities and galvanizing the importance of spending dollars locally. Specifically, they have worked tirelessly creating events, experiences and ways to connect with our guests to help us integrate into the our neighborhoods even further.
— Lauren Bailey, Founder, Upward Projects
We are proud to be a member of Local First Arizona for they have given us the opportunity to collaborate with other local businesses, while educating consumers the importance of shopping local. Their platform is vital for a stronger Arizona economy.
— Todd Callan, Chief Operating Officer HomCo Lumber & Hardware


While we appreciate your interest in Local First Arizona, the following business types do not fit our membership criteria:

  • Franchisees that are not licensed to exclusive Arizona-headquartered franchises.
  • Companies that are publicly traded, regardless of where they are headquartered.
  • Independent agents or franchisees that are licensed to non-Arizona based companies.
  • Companies with more physical locations operating outside of Arizona than inside of Arizona.
  • Companies with their headquarters in another state.

If you do not fit the qualifications for joining as a business, consider joining our Localist program as an individual member!


Our dues structure remains incredibly low because we are able to apply for grants for community and economic development, which allows us a wide variety of revenue streams and enables us to keep our dues affordable for business owners of all sizes. Nonprofit organizations qualify for membership rates based on their annual budget.

Browse our database and connect with local marketing firms that are insanely talented at helping small businesses reach the right audiences, at the right time, on the right platforms.