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Participate in our various programs and opportunities that we offer just for Local First Arizona business members!

Source AZ

When you source products and services from other local businesses in the community, more money stays and circulates in the local economy to support job creation and economic growth throughout the state. Source AZ is a Local First Arizona program that assists businesses in finding Arizona owned companies for their business needs. The program analyzes any businesses’ procurement practices, compares their in-state and out-of-state purveyors, and helps connect them with Arizona owned companies that can fulfill their needs.

Is your business interested in participating in the Source AZ program? Contact [email protected] to learn more.

Quick Impact Assessment

At Local First Arizona, we would like to work with you to PROVE to the world that it is the locally owned businesses that are leading the way to create better owner/employee relations, working harder to protect the environment and doing much more to make people proud of their hometowns. We are excited to introduce the Quick Impact Assessment, a free online tool to help our members measure their local impact.
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Member Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts from fellow Local First Arizona members on services, products, and more. Buy local for your business and save!

Advertising & Media Specials

As a member of Local First Arizona, you qualify for members-only advertising deals from other member businesses. View the advertising deal page to see the current offers.

Discounts & Rebates

When you make the switch to a local business, up to four times more money will stay in the local economy. When you make the switch to any of these listed businesses, you'll also help to support Local First Arizona's mission through our rebate program. View Rebate Offers.

Sustaining Member Offers

Our Sustaining Members have come together to offer a variety of discounts and offers for your business. From office supplies to printing to banking and more, check out what offers are available to you as a Local First Arizona member. View Sustaining Member Offers.

Want to post an offer on this page? Consider becoming a Sustaining Member with Local First Arizona!

Tools & Resources

Vendor Opportunities

Local First Arizona has compiled a list of events and festivals that seek business vendors and exhibitors. Browse by region and view our continuously growing list of great opportunities to get your business seen in the community! Browse vendor opportunities.

Digital Logos & Banners

Display that you're a Local first Arizona member with pride! We have a variety of digital badges and images you can use on your website, business cards, banners, signage, and more.
Download the Local First Arizona logos & banners.

Crowdfunding Opportunities

Want to support other local businesses looking for financial support for openings, expansions, and projects? We post crowdfunding projects from Local First Arizona members to make it easy to find opportunities. Browse crowdfunding projects. 

Sponsorship & Donation Opportunities

Are you looking to give back to your community? Check out our Sponsorship and Donation Opportunities page to see what your local options are! Browse sponsorship and donation opportunities. 

Investment & Entrepreneur Opportunities
with Local Businesses

Interested in exploring new business ventures? Local First Arizona has compiled a list of business members who are looking to grow their business. Browse investment and entrepreneur opportunities.