About Maya

Rural Program Coordinator for
Local First Arizona Foundation

Maya is an east coast native, raised in the mountains of central Virginia. She loves the outdoors, live music, and traveling. Maya is known for her infectious laughter and silly personality. She's a natural leader that knows how to take charge, but very much will facilitate through understanding her peer groups and team. Maya's goal in life is to never stop learning while being open to differences and to contribute as positively as she can to the world that we live in

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

What I love about Arizona:
Arizona has it's own personality and as a person who has traveled all around our country and the world I can say that the state's personality is one of a kind.

Bachelor of Science in environmental biology from Radford University.
Masters of Science in Community Resources and Development with a focus in sustainable tourism development from Arizona State University.

Favorite local business:
The Coronado.

If I'm not at the LFA offices, you can find me:
Exploring the beautiful state and all it has to offer!

Sustainable food systems, sustainable traveling, equitable opportunity, music, the outdoors, and making sure people know they are loved and have support.

Favorite quote:
"All phenomena are impermanent, strive on with diligence."