A & E Recycled Granite, L.L.C.


Ever wonder what happens to all the waste from the countertop fabrication industry? A&E Recycled Granite diverts that scrap from local landfills & recycles it into Split Stone Tiles, Pavers & more! Our process does not crush & reform the granite using chemicals, but splits the stone to expose the natural beauty within. This means our products contain no VOC's & are LEED qualifying. Not only can you bring the beauty of natural granite into your house, but since our products keep tons of granite from Tucson & Phoenix landfills, together, we’re doing our part to preserve Arizona’s natural landscape. Our Recycled Granite Products are wonderfully easy to install, perfect for those that want a signature look & 100% Natural Stone!


8500 S. Nogales Highway
Tucson, Arizona 85710

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