Why Acting Like a 3 Year Old is Important for Your Business

If there was one important thing you can take away from any conversation with a 3 year old, it’s that they ask “Why?” questions a lot. No matter what your first, second, or even third answer is, they are still curious to know “Why?”.

As entrepreneurs, this simple word can help uncover truth in your team. Whether you’ve had a positive or negative week in your business, you should always be asking why that is happening. And most importantly, never accept the first answer that comes. As we’ve heard: Ask ‘why’ 5 times, and then you’ll have your real answer.

Making sure you know the real reason why the numbers are up or down, or a project isn’t coming along as you expected is important to avoid making mistakes in the future.

For Derrick Mains’ quick tips on using “Why”, check out our video: