Why Accountability Matters: Do you know who's responsible for what? Do they?

Building accountability into your business means everyone on the team knows who is responsible for what task, and how their part fits into the larger goals and pictures. If you think you can just "wing it" and hope everyone catches up, you'll find yourself duplicating efforts, or worse, the job never even gets done. 

Answering these two simple questions with everything you do in your business will help you begin to bring accountability into your business:

1. Who is the direct accountable individual (DAI) for a task, project, or department?
2. What are the outputs and outcomes for each task, project, or department?

These simple questions will help inform you and your employee(s) of not only the business goals, but who is responsible for getting things done along the way. It's about working smarter, not harder!

Quick tips to building accountability in your business: 

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