Welcome to the Future: How Waste Can Build Capital

Circular Economies are reshaping waste streams. Businesses looking to cut costs and reduce waste are abandoning Linear Models of take, make, and dispose for this new model that enables longer use or reuse of products and technology.

At RISN, (Resource Innovation and Solutions Network Incubator), businesses advance through a program designed to utilize a Circular Economy model for every type of industry. Simple measures can both reduce waste in our landfills and cut costs for local business. Changing light bulbs to LED lights can mean longer use of one product, and less money spent on the same one over and over again.

Join Alicia Marseille and Amanda Jordan of RISN for a brief introduction to Circular Economy and their work with businesses.

About RISN:

Our work is focused on accelerating a local transition to a circular economy through the Resource Innovation and Solutions Network (RISN) Incubator, which was established through a formal partnership between ASU and the City of Phoenix.

This innovative online workshop will introduce the work we are doing in the Phoenix metro area community as well as educate attendees on entrepreneurship, innovation, circular economy, and lead small design challenges to provide hands-on and interactive experiences. 

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