How to be Proactive About Your Profitability

Think quickly: Is your business on track for the month? For most business owners, we won't know until we review our PnL at the end of the month, but by then it's too late to fix where we went off track. 

Taking control of your profitability is much easier when you track it daily, because you can see in real time whether you're on track to have a great month, or off track for a bad month. And if you're headed towards the red, you've got plenty of time to correct before your PnL review.

Watch our quick tip from Derrick Mains on Profitability:

Derrick Mains is the founder of AMP. AMP is training specifically designed to help post-revenue organizations accelerate growth and amplify business outcomes. The AMP system has been developed from more than 100+ years of combined executive leadership experiences spanning more than 300 companies, from garage start-ups. to the Fortune 500. More: HERE