Saving Water, Saving Money for Your Business (Webinar)

Cracking down on operating expenses is always top of mind for entrepreneurs. One area where you may literally be sending money down the drain is through your water usage. Being aware of your water footprint is important, and conserving water not only helps your business bottom line, it ensures that this limited resource is around for your community. Whether you operate a one-person, work-from- home business or are a multi-location, larger employer, there are plenty of ways you can decrease your company’s water consumption. From simple fixes like adding aerators onto sinks to bigger projects like replacing lawns with xeriscaping, this webinar will give you tools and resources to understand your water usage and to start a plan to decrease it.

From the webinar, get insight into the following:

  • How reducing your business’s water consumption can save you money

  • Tips on performing water audits, checking for leaks & finding water-saving products

  • How to engage employees in conservation efforts

  • Understanding where Arizona’s water comes from

  • How to read your water bill & recognize potential savings

  • Ways to tell your water conservation story

  • Connections to water conservation resources & commercial programs

Watch the webinar:

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