How Your Business Can Support Arizona's Recycling Movement


Environmental consciousness is on the rise in Arizona. We see it in the number of groups going out into Arizona’s wild places to keep them clean, in the companies that are pledging to lessen the impact they have on the planet and in citizens that are flocking to farmers markets to pick up locally grown foods and consciously made products. We also see it in the work that many cities across the state are doing to divert waste from their landfills and in the increase of programs that exist to educate the community about how they can commit to a cleaner, greener Arizona. 

If your business is looking for an easy way to support this movement and attract sustainability-minded customers and clients, you’ll want to check out Recyclebank. Recently launched in Phoenix, this interactive, incentive-based education program has an immense library of videos, articles and quizzes that people can participate in to learn more about recycling. This includes answers to head-scratchers like “Can you recycle plastic patio furniture or house keys or Crocs or pet food bags?” People can earn points for engaging on the site and for doing easy but important tasks like putting their recycling bin out and learning more ways to make sustainable choices and reduce waste in their daily lives.

Recyclebank is a unique way to attract loyal and sustainability-minded customers to your business.

Recyclebank users can redeem their earned points at over 200 businesses and organizations. Locally owned businesses can participate by offering a reward for those who are earning points, whether it’s a discount, special offer, event tickets, gift with purchase or an experience. Your offer will be listed on the Recyclebank website where your business will be visible to more than 100,000 Phoenix members who are passionate and educated about environmental issues. There is no charge, and your business can update offers at any time. Businesses located anywhere in Arizona can offer rewards.

Join Local First Arizona in showing your business’s commitment to improving your community while attracting customers who are making a positive step to reduce their waste. Find out more details about becoming a Reward Partner or email [email protected] with questions or to brainstorm rewards your business could offer. Be sure to check out some LFA members who are currently accepting offers!