Be a Public Relations Guru with these 5 Tips


When creating and branding your business it is important to recruit people who share the same passion as you. It is also just as important that when starting your business you brand correctly with the proper public relations techniques.

Here are 5 tips from Tony Felice that will help guide you to the right path properly representing your business through public relations. 

1. Understand what it means to be in public relations and the end goals of PR.

Public relations is communicating with the public through a variety of ways that is honest, objective, straightforward and unbiased.

If done correctly and efficiently, PR will establish credibility and reputation for your brand and is a de-facto endorsement by the news media.

2. Grab the audience in a nano-second

People have short attention spans, so come up with a creative tagline or an interesting fact that will cause the audience to read the release or article. Capture the attention with the first four words. Always write in AP style.

3. Keep pitches objective and full of data

There is nothing worse than a pitch that sounds like a sales pitch. Make your pitch sound intriguing by selling the data that you found interesting to begin with. Relate that information back to how it is relevant to your audience and why they should care. If your story does get picked up be prepared with photos, videos and sources for the reporter.

4. Create an attention grabber subject line

It is no doubt that these pitches and releases will get emailed out, so make the subject line one that will grab the attention of the recipient. Make them want to open the email. Be creative and fun, appeal to emotion. This is your moment to sell your news.

5. Promote yourself

Just because you may not be the one writing the story, promote it anyways. Post the story and pictures that will draw in the audience to the site. Post on social media as well as on your website. Generate traffic even if there is a news organization showcasing it. Social media, often times, will give you the same if not more exposure and circulation than a news site.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.04.25 PM.png

In short, when it comes to branding and proper exposure of your business there is no right or wrong way to do it. The end goal is to always shed light on your business in a positive way, so as long as you are professional things will pan out. 

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