How to Create High ROI Video on a Shoestring Budget

We get it– using video in your business can feel like challenging Goliath (and you're not sure you're David).

Luckily, you don't need a high-effort, low-output approach for video in order to maximize returns, both internally and externally.  Nextiva's in-house video producers, Max and Tony, have seen and made just about every type of video a business could ask for, and will share their experiences on how to choose and make the high ROI videos your business needs.

Topics around business video they'll be covering:

  • Entry points/costs

  • Starting a video culture within your business and with business partners

  • Identifying where your website needs video

  • Simple video ads to make (and ones to avoid)

Have you noticed your competitors actively using video?  Learn how to beat them at their own game.  Are your competitors clueless to it?  Make it an unfair fight.

From video experts at Nextiva, join Tony Calvis and Max Anderson for an in-depth, highly informative and easy to understand presentation on how to get started with video in your business today.

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