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In 2017, DigitalWire360 in partnership with Local First Arizona, launched Brand Camp, a one of a kind opportunity for small businesses in Arizona to receive complimentary marketing services that are sure to launch your business goals in the right direction. A full fledged marketing agency, DigitalWire360, is home to passionate storytellers ready to tell the world the story behind your company and use results-driven strategy to help you reach your destination.

They are masterminds in creating innovative digital experiences and love working with local companies on projects both large and small. DigitalWire360 is the perfect fit for any company looking for assistance in rebranding, creating data-driven social content, high-quality video production, still photos, or consulting services - so you'll always have the best partner near your side. Best of all, they offer competitive pricing and care deeply about supporting local businesses which ensures your company is receiving the best value.

Each quarter, the creative storytellers at DigitalWire360 choose a small business to undergo a brand revamp which includes support with digital marketing strategy, website development, social media marketing and public relation efforts. 

The most recent business to undergo the Brand Camp experience has a special story. Founded in 2015, Phoenix Coqui was a dream that longed to bring the “sazon” and “diversion” of Puerto Rico to the Valley.

Photo of founders Alexis Carbajal (left) and Juan Alberto Ayala (right) with their signature Puerto Rican Food Truck taken by  DigitalWire360. 

Photo of founders Alexis Carbajal (left) and Juan Alberto Ayala (right) with their signature Puerto Rican Food Truck taken by DigitalWire360. 

As a proud graduate of the Fuerza Local Business Accelerator Program, founders Alexis Carbajal and Juan Alberto Ayala received a unique education opportunity to kickstart their small business and compete to become Arizona’s #1 Puerto Rican Food Truck.

The second adventure for Phoenix Coqui was the Brand Camp experience. When selected for Brand Camp,  business owners are led through a summer camp style program where DigitalWire360 and Local First Arizona experts serve as the ‘camp counselors.’

With the support of DigitalWire360, Phoenix Coqui’s dream of becoming the #1 Puerto Rican Food Truck is thriving and the authentic food truck is a hit around the Valley. Alexis Carbajal, co-founder of Phoenix Coqui, says that from day one DigitalWire360 and the entire team was extremely supportive. They met together to discuss goals and really set a strategic plan to ensure success. 

Photo of Phoenix Coqui founders Juan Alberto Ayala (left) and Alexis Carbajal (right) taken by  DigitalWire360  .

Photo of Phoenix Coqui founders Juan Alberto Ayala (left) and Alexis Carbajal (right) taken by DigitalWire360.

“They were immediately able to help us by providing a photoshoot. The amazing photos were later used for the cover of Echo Magazine - March edition.
— Alexis Carbajal, Phoenix Coqui

DigitalWire360 has led Phoenix Coqui to develop a clear plan of attack. Tactful brand awareness by the creative agency are bringing Phoenix Coqui to light in diverse markets, Carbajal said. The overall goal of DigitalWire360 will be to showcase the true story and inspiration behind the Puerto Rican food truck. The ideal brand awareness seeks to transport potential customers and current supporters through the full journey of Phoenix Coqui: from the birth of the idea when the founders met in Puerto Rico to their present day adventures. 

DigitalWire360 is a powerhouse in finding the most compelling way of telling a local business's story. They guide the Arizona audience into learning exactly who businesses are and what they stand for.

Previous winners of the Brand Camp Experience are PB Americano and Phoenix Dog Magazine, who also have proven results that showcase the strong skill sets of the innovative the agency.

The Peanut Butter Americano team LOVED working with Amy & Co. at DigitalWire360. What a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by creative minds brainstorming exciting ideas for developing your brand. We would strongly recommend Brand Camp to anyone and everyone interested in observing a creative firm from the inside and observing how it works as it generates strategic and imaginative growth ideas for your brand.
— Jeff Malkoon, PB Americano

The second round of Brand Camp applications are now being accepted through March 31st. In order to apply, businesses will need to send in a video explaining why their company deserves branding guidance. Visit to learn more about the program and to submit your application. The official rules for Brand Camp are available here:

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