5 Steps to Creating Marketing Magic This Season

As the holidays are upon us, it is beneficial to update or create a marketing plan for your business this season.

Gain expert advice and helpful tips from Matthew Clyde, Co-founder of Ideas Collide, an award-winning local marketing firm.

1. Make a marketing plan

It’s important to invest time now to create a marketing plan. In the long run it will benefit your business, especially in the holidays. There will be less error and failures if you avoid the random acts of marketing. Some key points that your plan should have is…

  1. Objectives, 2. Customers/Message, 3. Channels 4. Tactics, 5. Timeline  6. Management/Optimization 7. Results/Adjustments


2. Part Artist / Part Scientist

Marketing is a process that takes an emotional and logical view. It’s essential to deliver a message through storytelling but also be logical and look at the sales, and data collected. Data can be numbers and opinions.

It’s a good idea to ask questions like: “What do I have to work with?” “What is the time frame?” “How can I build and develop a different point of view?”, etc. SWOT is another helpful tool that helps you look at ideas, solutions, approaches, opportunities and help guide your plan in the process.


3. Defining Your Plans and Actions

This chart is a great visual planning tool that can also guide your plan. Your business can attract the customers you want if you know where you stand with all of these points.

4. What’s your Brand Story?

What can set you apart from someone else that sells the same product or service you offer? Having a brand story will. It should be quick, sweet and compelling. It is a way for you to communicate the essence of why your brand is in business. Storytelling is so powerful.

5. Customer Relationship Building

A study has shown that 80% of shoppers say they engage to a digital channel before making a purchase. And 90% of consumers believe more online reviews than the sales people of the business. So, the power of word of mouth and online views is more important than ever.

How can you build a relationship with consumers? You can send personalized notes, create a personalized shopping experience by appointment in person or via text, have exclusive value-add offers, have a drive thru, set non-standard hours for busy customers, create exclusive events such as late shop times, night for spouses and kids and so much more.


6. Marketing Tools

Creating short videos can be a simple, minimal budget, and still can be centered on a big idea. This can be done on your phone. The most important thing is to tell your story and bring it to the market.

Targeted local ads are also a great choice. You can present offers, hours, business announcements or events to your ideal local customers via demographic or geographic targets. Ads can activate on a schedule to coincide with consumers’ free time.

Email Marketing is a low cost, high impact and essential for most small businesses. Running an effective email program is essential to retain your customer base, improve their experience, and increase referrals. You can use cloud-based email marketing services like Emma, Mailchamp, Infusionsoft, etc.

Use these tips throughout the year to create your marketing strategy, or to enhance your current process for better results.

Reach Matthew Clyde and his team at Ideas Collide to find your next winning marketing strategy for the holidays and beyond: http://www.ideascollide.com/

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