3 Things to Consider When Giving Constructive Criticism

For every manager or business owner, giving constructive feedback is just part of the job. If you do it right, you can empower your employee and strengthen your team. If you do it wrong, you could end up creating tension, or worse, losing a valuable employee altogether. 

When it comes to giving constructive criticism, it's best to stick to these three things:
1. Tone & Attitude: Approach the situation knowing you want to help your employee.
2. Give detailed examples of the infraction: Avoid the "I feel" or "You never" statements, which will only end up blaming the person, rather than empowering them.
3. Chart a course of action for correction: Give a clear and actionable direction to grow your employee and develop them, not shame them.

Check out Derrick's fool-proof list when giving constructive criticism

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