About JB

Northern arizona business liason
for local first arizona

JB was born in Tucson, Arizona but spent most of his childhood in Florida after his family relocated. He rowed in high school, learned to sail, and has acted in several television commercials. He was an EMT for 8 years before moving back to Arizona, where he attended business school. While his family may be split between Thailand, Mexico, and the U.S., Flagstaff has been JB’s home now for nearly 16 years.

Hometown: Venice, FL

B.S. in Biomedical Biology; Masters in Administration

What I love about Arizona:
It’s full of diverse scenery (all of which is gorgeous) and activities.

Guilty pleasure:
Scotch & Cigar

Favorite local business:
MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace

Favorite quote:
Sic Parvis Magna (Thus, from small beginnings, greatness.) -Sir Francis Drake

Favorite Movies:
Back to the Future & Goonies (total 80’s kid)

Cooking; Sailing; the Outdoors.

Proudest Moment:
Having a dish named after me at a local restaurant!

Super Power of Choice:
An eye roll so fierce that it forces the recipient to immediately take back whatever idiotic thing they’ve just said. Liz Lemon, out.