Apply to become an intern with Local First Arizona! Internships with Local First Arizona are open to both students and non-students looking for resume building skills and nonprofit experience. Applicants must send a resume and cover letter for consideration. Other requirements may also apply. Questions? Contact us: [email protected]


Marketing at St. Francis

Communications intern

Fall 2019 Internship Opportunity! Join the team assisting our Brand Director and marketing team with storytelling, strategy, and spreading the local movement message. More details.

To apply: Email your cover letter and resume (please include any volunteer and leadership experience) as well as any writing samples to [email protected]. Interviews will be held through August 22nd and on a rolling as-needed basis.


Local Food Events internship

Fall 2019 Internship Opportunity! Join our Good Food Team to support community food systems by providing event planning support, and assess local food infrastructure to increase access to fresh, local foods for all Arizonans. More details.

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and your best writing sample to [email protected]



Join the team assisting our Director of Sustainability Initiatives with local businesses go through the Green Business Program, working on Towards Zero Waste efforts at our events and researching and writing about sustainability best practices. Closed until Spring 2020.

To apply: Send resume and editorial style writing sample to [email protected]

Community planner internship

Join our Community Planning Manager with community development by collecting and analyzing neighborhood business and demographic data, attending key planner events, and creating more equitable cities and neighborhoods. More details

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and your best writing sample to [email protected]


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