Mission: Promoting the growth of civic engagement and pride around thoughtful, sustainable, walkable, and inclusive infill development in the Phoenix metro area, with a particular focus on the Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa urban cores.

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For(u)m is a membership based program of Local First Arizona dedicated to furthering diverse, context-sensitive and responsible development through infill, adaptive reuse, preservation, and redevelopment. The program serves as an information exchange that organizes and informs development professionals focused on urban infill projects, advocating for a balanced dialog between residents, city government, and business stakeholders.

For(u)m will inform members with access to critical figures in the planning and development realm in order to educate and raise awareness of the urgency on these issues, and to increase coordinated and expedited response times from the development community. Communication will be through a digital newsletter, social media, and optional social and informational gatherings.

Potential topics in the exchange include:

  • Pending development projects, both residential and commercial
  • Transportation issues
  • Neighborhood initiatives
  • Reactive anti-development policies
  • Context-sensitive parking requirements for walkable access
  • Adaptive reuse and mixed-use streamlining and preservation
  • Land use issues
  • City-issued RFPs
  • Emerging trends and market opportunities
  • Creative development strategies and solutions
  • Innovative projects in other markets
  • Historic preservation
  • New zoning and code requirements
  • Alternative financing vehicles and lenders
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Tax incentives

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